I can't say for sure the exact moment I decided I was going to build an e-commerce business with graphic t-shirts, hoodies (which I love), and sweatshirts. I have always loved simple and unique t-shirts but never thought about creating them until I had a few ideas that I wanted to see brought to life. I did a little research and discovered a print on demand platform that would allow me to create my site AND create my products. They handled IT ALL! It sounded perfect but the more time I spent researching, the more I realized it just didn't offer everything I needed to feel like the site was my own! 

I went another direction. And honestly I may again, but for now, my website is doing what I need it to do while I learn the ins and outs. It's a slow process but I will make time for something I enjoy. AND there is so much to learn. I will attempt, yes attempt, to learn new software to make the designing process easier. I have to learn how to get traffic to my site and do more with my social media. Time is needed working every day. 

Well that was a short introduction of how My Random Life Tees got started. Pretty much on a whim with lots of faith. Outside of this new little business, I am a mother of three boys, an elementary teacher, and a wife to a mostly supportive husband HA! By the way this is my first blog...ever. So be kind! This is a learning process as well. 


February 11, 2022 — Christy Taylor