Let's be honest! You want someone to compliment your shirt. You hope someone asks you where you bought it. When we buy a shirt, no matter how simple, there is something about that shirt that grabbed us. Could it be the graphics? Maybe it was the message? It could be as simple as a unique font. Regardless of the reason, we want others to feel what we feel! We want them to relate to us through that t-shirt. It's simple really. T-shirts create a common ground. They send a message about the wearer. They say "this is who I am". 

The majority of shirts I design, honestly, are ones I can relate to. The shirt may pertain to motherhood, or my profession of teaching, or it's something that makes me laugh. At times, I want a shirt that sends a message. Some of my tees are simple and straightforward. Some of my tees are funny!  Not every design is for every person, thank goodness! Variety is the spice of life! Hey...maybe I should put that on a shirt!