Do you know someone who cooks in an apron? I bet you can count them on one hand. In almost every old television show, the cook or housekeeper always wears an apron. The most classic example I can think of off hand is "Leave it to Beaver" with June in her short smock apron. 

The word 'apron' comes from the old French word 'naperon' which means small tablecloth. Aprons have several purposes and uses that are not limited to cooking. They can work for hygienic purposes, be worn as part of a uniform, or to protect us from certain dangers. They can help hold tools as well! 

Aprons are gaining popularity again in the home and also in the workplace. An apron is another opportunity to show your personality. Aprons also make great gifts as you can always find the perfect one to fit an individual's style and taste. 

Aprons can be simple or make someone laugh! It's time to bring the apron back into the modern kitchen! Make cooking a little bit more exciting with a unique apron. 


March 13, 2022 — Christy Taylor